Bamboo can reach a height of approx. 35 meters in as little as 6 months. This means the plant produces more usable wood than local trees such as the oak. Furthermore bamboo is extremely stable and robust which is due to its great proportion of silica.

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on our planet. Some species reach up to one meter growth a day. This means its production of biomass and oxygen is way than above average.

In approximately seven years the plant reaches it final hardness, which is much harder than most conventional types of wood. It’s tensile strength is even greater than steel.

How sustainable is bamboo really and whichof its unique traits can we use to our advantage?


Bamboo can grow (Almost) anywhere!

Bamboo is a tropic and subtropic plant, of which some species also grow in colder areas, for instance the Himalayas.

The plant originates and lives on all continents except for the Antarctica and Europe, but it can nevertheless grow in our grounds too. Worldwide there are 1400 species of bamboo. In China alone 500 species can be found around 100 in japan, which are mostly shorter. Bamboo is being mostly cultivated in Asia and Afrika (especially Ethiopia)

You can also find some species in Australia and South America but here it hasless economic importance.Bamboo only made its way to Europe in the middle of the 19th century. The plant has been imported from China and Japan, but has adapted to grow in Europe perfectly.

Since bamboo can growexceptionally fast and almost anywhere, it’s material is extremely sustainable.

Fast growing raw material

Bamboo is growing extremely fast (up to one meter a day), which is why a great amount can be cut down annually. It’s quantity does not reduce to an extent,where it could be endangered, which makes bamboo a very sustainable raw material.

Most bamboo species show large root systems, out of which new plants grow constantly. Therefore unlike most trees, the plant does not die through cutting a straw.

Through this quick growth bamboo can save a lot of CO2. When planting bamboo only little pesticides or fertilisers are being used, since the plant is already extraordinarily robust and resilient.

Even our wood industry raves about the material, whose traits are so unique. Since bamboo wood is very dense, flexible and resilient, it’s products are long living and robust.


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