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Is bamboo sustainable?


Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on our planet. Some species reach up to one meter growth a day. This means that the sustainable bamboo has an above average amount of biomass and can be harvested after as little as four years.




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7 things about bamboo, that you didn’t know


The popularity of bamboo also starts growing in our western community. Reason for this are it’s exceptional properties.

The material is stable, robust and durable. Nevertheless bamboo can be bent easily and is the ideal material for outdoor areas.


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Our seas and oceans are some of the dirtiest places in the world.


Our seas and oceans are some of the dirtiest places in the world. Countless plastic bags, plastic bottles, straws, toothbrushes and other single use plastic items form into five gigantic plastic islands.

If we don't change our behaviours - quickly-by 2050 we are expected to have more plastic in our waters than fish.

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We support you and your customers in everyday life in making the more sustainable decision for a smart introduction to the topic of sustainability by supplying you with first-class products at top conditions.


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Alternative materials
Alternative materials

Straws made of bamboo are on everyone's lips - for good reasons. Consumers are looking for sensible and sustainable alternatives to the plastic straw. Even drinking straws made of glass, aluminum or paper can hardly keep up, at least from an ecological point of view.

 Hygienically perfect
Hygienically perfect

Bamboo is naturally antibacterial. Properly stored, bamboo can not mold or rot. Even heavy monsoon rains or floods can not harm the material. For safety, however, all bamboo drinking straws are disinfected or boiled for 30 minutes.


All products are sourced from selected, tested manufacturers. Our product range includes only the best, proven brands in organic bamboo products. Sustainability comes first.


Make the world more greener

Bamboo straws are 100% natural. Bamboo is a giant grass that grows very fast. Through its harvest (cut) no plant is lost, but emerges strengthened from this process. Where previously only a bamboo stem was, after the harvest grow two or three. It is not sustainable. Bamboo drinking straws are not elaborately produced, but harvested in nature. Our straws grow in certified bamboo plantations in Asia and contribute significantly to the livelihood of busy locals there.

Alternative products, such as drinking straws made of glass or stainless steel, cost a great deal of energy in their production, so their eco-balance is far worse than expected. The production of one ton of steel alone produces 1.4 tonnes of CO2. Bamboo, on the other hand, binds CO2.

In addition, products made of bamboo look very good, feel good and they are a clear statement for the careful, environmentally and energy-conscious handling of the resources of the world.

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